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Comprehensive Economic Reports

The "DC Data Book" report provides a comprehensive overview of the interactions between the District's revenue performance and its economic base. It elaborates on how tax data, in combination with other sources, adds a unique perspective on the District's economy. The report is structured so that it can be used by policymakers, practitioners, researchers and the public.
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DC Revenue System

These reports provide background and relevant data about special-purpose revenue funds, non-tax revenue and dedicated tax revenue funds.

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DC Statistics of Income

The DC Statistics of Income reports provide statistics on income, deductions, tax and credits reported on individual Form D40 and D40EZ income tax returns by income level and filing status.

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DC Tax Facts

DC Tax Facts presents a brief summary of the District's tax structure, tax rates, legal references and other comparative tax data.

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Occasional Studies

The Office of Revenue Analysis provides analysis on various topics of interests throughout the year.

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Tax Burden Studies

Tax Burden Studies compare the rates and burdens of major taxes in DC with states and other large cities in the US, as well as analyzing the relative tax position of the District compared to surrounding jurisdictions.

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Tax Expenditure Studies

Tax Expenditure Reports are published biennially pursuant to DC Law 13-161. The reports include an estimate of revenue forgone resulting from District conformity with the Federal Income Tax Code, as well estimates of all local District tax expenditures. The Tax Expenditure Reviews are published pursuant to DC Law 20-155, which requires the CFO to review all DC tax expenditures (such as abatements, and credits) on a five-year cycle.

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