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Economic and Revenue Trends

Economic and Revenue Trends help track DC and national economic indicators that have a bearing on the tax base of the District of Columbia. It includes analysis of revenues and of economic forecasts for the current and upcoming fiscal years. Each month, a brief note is included which takes a special look at one or more topics of current interest.
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Monthly Cash Reports

Each month, the OCFO publishes a report of cash collections by the District government.

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Quarterly Revenue Estimates

The OCFO is responsible for forecasting revenue for the District government. Each February, the OCFO issues the official binding revenue estimates that are used to develop the budget for the next fiscal year, which runs from October 1 to September 30. The office is also responsible for preparing quarterly re-estimates of the revenues of the District of Columbia during the year.

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Revenue Overview

The Office of Revenue Analysis provides a synopsis of the District’s economic outlook. This analysis is published in the Revenue chapter of the District’s Annual Proposed Budget and Financial Plan. Also included in the Revenue chapter are ORA’s baseline revenue projections that support the budget and all revenue-impacting policy proposals that are not part of the baseline revenue estimates.

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